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I created Active Chicks in order to help women learn about health and fitness 

and use that to achieve their fat loss goals, but most importantly manage life and mental health.

We are a community. And a family. 

Health and Fitness is my life, and I love to help women see the benefits of

including it into theirs. Not to mention passing this onto our children, friends and family members. 


Active Chicks is a safe place for women to have a great workout, a laugh and escape their daily stress for 45 minutes. And it doesn't matter if you cannot train with us in person, we have taken our community online and help busy women who need to train at home. 

We really pride ourselves on knowing all our clients personally, and making sure they get the help that they need. 


You will learn about nutrition, exercise AND the importance of rest and recovery when you are a part of our team, and you will then start to make better life choices. 


Our Sessions are full of variety, fun and interaction. You will never get bored as we constantly change it up to A) keep your body guessing and B) keep your mind engaged. 


So please, have a read of our site! Contact me personally if you have any questions, or sign up for a trial. 

We would love to help you achieve the things you desire. 


      Danielle x

I’m Danielle. 
35 years old. 
I’ve been a mum since I was 19 years old. 
I am a mother to 5 amazing kiddies. 
I’ve been a fitness professional since I was 16. 
I’ve been a business owner for 11 years now. 
I am a qualified Life Coach. 
I’ve been a widow and a single mum. 
I’m a happily married woman. 
I’ve overcome trauma and horrific events, refused to let the opinions of others destroy me and fight demons in my head every day like many women out there. 

I want to live my best life, be healthy and have energy for my kids, AND feel good about myself. 

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