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Term 4, 2019

Fitness and Conditionin

Hey I am Danielle and the owner of Active Chicks. 

For those who don’t know me, I am a mother to 5 children, a qualified Personal Training and Life Coach, Created and coached in Active Chicks for the past 10 years, AND I LOVE teachers. 

You can read more about me here... 

You guys educate and mentor our children after all! And give us parents a break. 

But here is the thing, over the years I have noticed my members who are teachers, and they are struggling.Mentally, physically, and I’m even seeing some quit. 


That is really sad to me, because kids need the ones who care. But the ones who care, frequently forget to care for themselves FIRST. And then struggle with burn out, feeling useless, and get sick and tired. 


I know first hand as a busy woman, mother and coach, I cannot function helping so many other people… if I don’t look after my needs. It bites me in the ass the minute I drop my routine! 


So, I'm planning on launching an 8 week program that does exactly that. I am trying to keep this simple, because I know your time is limited. This is also completely led by you. YOU will choose what to add into your weeks within your abilities and timeframes.  I'll be launching it on July 15th and I cannot wait to get started!


So if you’re feeling this is speaking to you, and you want to feel great during, and after term…. And realising you need a little TLC, then I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey and become a part of our beta group. 


I'm opening up a limited number of spots into this first program when it opens up for just $65 for the 8 weeks. 

The normal cost will be $120.


This also means that you'll get to have access to all the future programs at this reduced cost.

The beta group is going to go through the program and we will all use the facebook group to connect and me to coach you the whole way. 

Here is a rough idea of how we are going to go about this. 



  1. 4x 15 minute weekly workouts available each week (if you currently already work out, feel free to just miss these or add on as extras) 

  2. Mix and match food plan - easy to follow so you can pick and choose easy and nourishing meals. 

  3. Weekly live coaching video- 30 minutes of me coaching you on the weeks topic with a worksheet to complete. 

  4. Weekly habit tracker - so you can tick off daily to stay on track

  5. A Daily post from me. 

  6. Facebook Group 


Weekly Topics will include.  

  1. Setting your foundation

  2. Mindset 

  3. Exercise 

  4. Nutrition 

  5. Mindfulness

  6. Confidence 

  7. Sleep 

  8. Celebrate YOU! 


Also, if you become a beta member you will also receive A complete Nutritionist created 12 Week Nutrition Plan that is family friendly.


So, if you'd like to join me in this please FIRST... fill out the below, THEN pay your registration fee by Thursday July 18th at 5pm.

THEN Please allow 24-48 hours for me to reach out and send you the link to our group and further details. 


I am thankful for your support, and I can't wait to have you as a founding member in this journey with me!


Danielle Williams

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