-We are the best outdoor training environment for women in Logan.


       -We offer a varied, proven team training program that guarantees results.


       -We are a community of genuine, friendly like-minded females who support each other.


       -We offer a convenient and varied timetable, and are child friendly for the Mothers!


       -We offer a personal training experience from qualified, experienced and sensitive coaches in a team environment 


      -We sell results, support and life changes, not training sessions

Our Group Training Sessions Are  
specifically designed to cater to the busy woman who wants to shift fat, tone her body and gain more energy in a short amount of time. 
We understand how hard it is to manage everyone and everything and find a little time for yourself! So we want to make your time worth it. 
You will never do the same class again. 
You will always be known by your first name! 
And we will hold you accountable and motivate you towards your goals. 
We include lots of variety at our classes to include strength work, core control, hiit training and booty toning. 
Our timetable is varied and at convenient times as well as child friendly! 
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