The Summer Body Project

October 21st 

“The Summer Body Project is on a MISSION to help women to  lose weight,
gain more self-confidence, have more energy, and celebrate being a strong and
sexy woman this summer. 

YOU are ALREADY Amazing. 

But takes a little sweat, support, smiles and a LOT of fun to make you FEEL that way!

Rarely do us women make the time to put ourselves first. Then one day you look in the mirror and just don't recognise who you are anymore. 

 That's exactly WHY we created The Summer Body Project...

"The Summer Body Project is a step-by-step 8 week transformation program for women that includes a clean meal plan, supplementation advice, fat-burning & body sculpting workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel FABULOUS, look AMAZING, & have the Confidence to hit the beach this Summer."

Best of all, we made it easy to follow so it fits right into your busy lifestyle. You can attend our in person boot camp, OR join in online from the comfort of your own home. 

What's The Summer Body Project All About!?

The Meal Plan:

We teach you how to understand food, and fit in things you love while still losing fat. We are going to help you turn your body into a sexy, fat-burning machine that we can be PROUD of. You will rid your body of sugar cravings, rev up your metabolism, and this plan will give you the ENERGY to take on the world.

◊ Meal Prep Guide

◊ Macronutrient training

◊ Complete Food Exchange List so you can swap for some of your favorite foods

Real and simple food options so you will not get confused or overwhelmed!


Our Signature AC Workouts:

Our Active Chicks workouts are designed to help you look AMAZING on the beach this summer!

The workouts are focused on tightening and toning where it counts, and eliminating that stubborn body fat that tends to take up residence in our thighs, butt, triceps, and stomach.

◊ Access to all of our Boot Camp Classes 

◊ Maximize your Fat-burning potential!

◊ 1x Signature AC Body-Sculpting home workout every week

Our Summer Body Project Daily Dose: our daily SBP check in you will get that is filled with inspiration, motivation, and tips & tricks to help you to stay on track with the program. We know how many diet plans and programs you PRICELESS!  

Accountability & Support:

We CARE about you getting the results that you want and we will go that extra mile to make SURE you stay on track with the program.

How many times have you tried to "diet" or "eat healthier" and somehow still ended up with a pint of Ben & Jerry's in front of the TV watching Netflix? It's happened to the best of us. 

We will do everything possible within our power to make sure you stay on track with the program....even if we need to come to your house and lock up the Ben & Jerry's .

We’ve also created a "secret" Facebook Group for all of our SBP members, where you’ll be able to talk to other women working towards the same goals and dealing with similar struggles.

Before & After Measurements and Weigh In:

This is your checks and balances system. 

We scan in with an infrared scan which will tell us your body fat in KG and muscle in KG. We do this scan at the end as well. 

Not only will we get before and after pics and measurements, but we will be doing weekly reviews to make sure you're getting RESULTS.


Important Dates...

  1. Registration Closes- Thursday October 17th

  2. Fitness Testing- before class any day between Thursday October 17-sat Oct 19th

  3. FIRST Inbody Scan: Saturday October 19th 9-1015am in Springwood

  4. Outdoor Adventure 1: Springwood Stairs November 10th 6am (End of week 3)

  5. Outdoor Adventure 2: Burleigh Heads National Park Walk- Dec 1st 7am

  6. FINAL Inbody Scan: Saturday Dec 14th TBA


-Before and After Inbody Scans ($60 value)
-Macronutrient training and calorie recommendation- macro tracking and recipe book ($60 value)
-Exclusive use of the AC App to place in measurements, photos and track food and macros, AND access weekly home workout ($80 value)
-Online training on nutrition, mindset and stress/recovery ($80 value)
-SBP Challenge Group
-Challenger Singlet ($20 value)
-2x Outdoor Adventures ($40 value)
-Challenge Sisters
-3 Prizes to be Won!

Weekly Challenges-

  1. Setting yourself up for the challenge

  2. Positive Thinking

  3. Kilometre Challenge

  4. Mindfulness Challenge

  5. 100 rep Challenge

  6. Confidence Challenge

  7. Live Video Challenge




Cost is - Paid in full OR weekly options provided below.

Challenge Rego is $150 and weekly Active Chicks Membership is $36 per week broken down.


Paid in Full Options: 

A) Unlimited training sessions for 8 weeks + challenge rego = $439



Weekly Payment Options:

A) Unlimited training sessions for 8 weeks + challenge rego = $56/week




1. Fill out the form below with your details. 

2. Make a choice of payment options above. 

3. Allow 24-48 for your registration to be processed. If you are unsure if it went through, feel free to send an email to to confirm. 

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