Class Descriptions


Tone is the class where we work on your muscles.
Each week is a different format based around resistance training. Our class not only works on toning your muscles, we also elevate your heart rate to maximise fat burning. We use dumbbells, sandbags, kettlebells, resistance bands, body weight AND everything we can to put the muscles under fatigue so they will tone and grow.


This class is cardio based and focused on building your fitness and stamina. Each week is a different format based around high intensity interval training. This class is suited to all levels as you can go at your own pace.
You will walk away being so proud of yourself for completing it each week! You will be buzzing with endorphins every time!



Box is one of our favourites here at Active Chicks. Boxing is the best high intensity workout while keeping it low impact. It is safe and efficient for all fitness levels. You do not need to have any prior boxing experience as we will teach you! We use boxing gloves and focus pads and pair you up with someone of similar ability.

You will learn technique, get stronger and grow in confidence after these classes.


Kick is a 30 Minute class using combos with Muay Thai Pads. This class is for advanced particpants who have mastered boxing and want to step it up.


Booty Class is a 30 minute workout designed to lift and tone your butt and thighs. We use weights, bands and mat work to target the problem areas and strengthen them. 

Booty is also great for runners for injury prevention and keeping your glutes and hamstrings activated. 

Attend this session if you want to see an improvement in your butt and thighs. 



Core is a 30 minute class on the mats. We focus on smaller movements and a slower pace to really flatten the tummy from the top to the bottom. 

We also work on the back, legs and flexibility so it is balanced and promotes good posture. 

This is suited for all fitness levels and is low impact mat work. 



Run club is a 30 minute CARDIO based workout suited to any fitness levels. Each week we change up the format so you are never doing the same class. It is all go at your own pace. Attend this class if you want to improve your running, and cardiovascular fitnessOR you are a beginner who’d love to sign up for some Fun Runs. 



Work on your mobility and flexibility with this class! You will recover faster and move more freely which will help to enhance your results. Best suited to beginners in Yoga and those who are feeling tight and sore. 

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